Monthly Boat Care

Boatcare and planned yacht maintenance is the backbone of our business. If you have a boat moored in the UK and don’t have enough time to visit her on a weekly or even fortnightly basis, then this is the service for you.

Simply put; you pay a monthly fee for regular boat management, in return we provide a discreet professional service delivered by our team of industry specialists on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

We offer summer, winter and all year round boat care programs where we will manage everything, including general inspections, engine maintenance & repairs and valet services…….leaving you to enjoy your time on the water.

Regular inspections, remedial reports and a complimentary ‘End of Season’ survey all combined together provide you with a full service history that is built up over the season on a monthly basis.

All Inclusive Boat Care Fees

Under 35 Foot?

Monthly Boat Care

All inclusive £35 per month

Over 35 Foot?

Monthly Boat Care

up to £50 per month

A boat left unattended can result in small problems becoming big and costly issues. Investing in the ongoing upkeep of your vessel will likely save you financially in the long term.

Caring for your boat on a regular and ongoing basis is key to keeping your vessel in first class condition and ready for use.

  • Checking fairlead’s and cleats for damage and secure fixing.
  • Check and inspection of mooring lines and springs.
  • Checking security and position of fenders.
  • All round check of overall condition of yacht or motorboat.
  • Check security of dingy and other items stowed on deck.
  • Checking all the hatches and window seals for wear and leakage.
  • Checking mast/deck fittings for wear, cracks and weatherproofing.
  • Bilge level control.
  • Checking bilge content (oil/fuel).
  • Pumping out bilges.
  • Checking automatic bilge level sensor and bilge pump control (wiring, switch).
  • Thorough inspection of sea cocks.
  • Exercising valves.
  • Close inspection of cockpit drain hoses and clamps.
  • Check cockpit drainage is clear.
  • Stuffing boxes & stern gland leak check.
  • Check batteries and topping off.
  • Opening all the sea cocks closed in previous checks.
  • Starboard engine oil and water level checks.
  • Running starboard engine and checking exhaust.
  • Recording starboard engine hours.
  • Port engine oil and water level inspection.
  • Running port engine and exhaust checking.
  • Recording port engine hours.
  • Generator oil and water level inspection.
  • Running generator and checking exhaust.
  • Recording generator hours.
  • Running air–condition units.
  • De – humidifying electronic devices by turning the illumination on.
  • AC inlet and shore power inspection.
  • Connecting AC shore power and battery charger.
  • Disconnecting AC shore power and battery charger.
  • Bringing batteries to a full charge.
  • Checking water leaks after deck wash.
  • Check deck caulking where necessary.
  • Ventilation of the boat.
  • Closing sea cocks before leaving the boat (except cockpit drains).
  • Recording breakdowns, engine and generator working hours.
  • Photographing,and reporting found issues to owners.
  • Cleaning bilges*.
  • Periodic interior and exterior valet*.
  • Periodical use of water tank cleaning tablets*.
  • Periodical use of holding tank and septic pipes cleaning agent*.
  • Restoring and UV– protection of all rubber, plastic, vinyl’s and leather*
  • Deck cleaning by using fresh water*.
  • De – humidifying boxes and anti – mildew bags installation.*